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Overview of Practina

This is where you can explore the features used for common tasks in Practina.
Our resources can help you to learn more about our popular social media automation tool.

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How to use Practina business dashboard - Watch a quick video below

Manage your profile and account information

Click on the icon profole-circle at the top right corner and select “Account Settings” to make any changes to your account information, social accounts, billing preferences, or switch plan.

Create, schedule, and publish content

Click on “+ Create Post” to create, schedule, and publish your social media content from one place.

View and manage your scheduled posts in a content calendar

Click on “Planner” to view your upcoming postings and the media you’ve scheduled.

Run ad campaigns

Click on “Ad Campaign” to create targeted Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and Google ads to reach new customers in need of your services.

Monitor your social performance

Social Presence shares insights (per platform) with you on how your profile has changed after using Practina.

Leverage your customer reviews

Practina’s Reviews feature highlights the best customer reviews for your business, which can also be turned into engaging social media posts.

You can connect Facebook, Yelp, and Google My Business reviews platforms to your Practina account.

The choice is simple

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