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What is Practina?

Practina is an AI-powered system that simplifies digital marketing for any dental practice. Through automated social media content and captivating ads, Practina connects dentists with their ideal patients.


Google Smart Ads for Maximum Reach

Ads made simple

Instant Facebook

Publish Post

Automated Social

Social Media, Automated

Ads made easy

  • Practina makes it easy for dentists to create and manage ads for Google, Facebook, and Instagram all in one convenient place—even without any ad experience.
  • Run more effective, targeted ads towards your patients based on their location, interests, and online behavior.
  • After selecting your goal and ideal patients, Practina’s ad creation system will take care of the rest and launch your ads in minutes.
  • Choose between custom-made ad templates for simple posting.
  • Practina’s ad creation system is completely free to use. You’ll only pay for the ads you run.
Ads Made Simple
Social Platform

Instant Facebook Leads with Practina’s Lead Center.

Dentists using Practina have reduced their cost per lead by 92%.

  • Create your own lead forms that appear directly on your ads to get the patient information you need.
  • With the Practina app, you’ll receive instant notifications when interest is shown on any of your ads, so that you can connect with new patients right away.
  • Practina organizes leads from Facebook, Google, and Instagram all in one convenient place for easy access.

Automated Social Media

With Practina, dentists can ditch the hassle of social media management by bringing all of their social platforms to one place.

  • Practina automatically creates customized content for all of your social media accounts.
  • Practina helps your dental practice increase its online presence and visibility with frequent automated posts.
  • With regularly scheduled posts, your patients will remember you’re there when they need dental care.
  • Practina even takes your best reviews from Yelp, Facebook, and Google My Business and posts them to your social media accounts, automatically.
Schedule Posts

A helping hand for dentists

One-on-one meetings with a dedicated marketing specialist on the professional plan.

  • With Practina Professional, you’ll be provided with a dedicated marketing specialist who will analyze your pages, posts, and advertisements to steer your dental practice’s marketing in the right direction.
  • Reply to reviews, engage with comments, and communicate with your patients all through Practina.
  • With each automated posting, Practina helps build a stronger online presence for your practice.
  • As your online presence grows, so will your patient base as Practina will routinely connect you with ideal patients.

Why Practina?

Draw in more patients by effectively advertising your practice at the click of the button and stand out like never before:

  • Increase your practice’s visibility online.
  • Solidify your presence in the local market.
  • Focus on what you do best, Practina will handle the rest.

Branded Posts

Branded Posts

Customized posts tailored for your practice.

Lead Center

Lead Center

Instant notifications when patients show interest in your ads.

Smart Ads

Smart Ads

Ads for Google at the click of button.

Marketing Specialist

Marketing Specialist

Professional guidance and recommendations on your marketing strategy.

Analytics and Reporting

Analytics and Reporting

Live updates on the performance of your ads and posts.

MLS Postings

MLS Postings

Automatic posts across your social media with each MLS status change.

Post Templates

Post Templates

Highlight deals, giveaways and accomplishments using Practina’s easy-to-use templates.

Post Suggestions

Post Suggestions

Inspiration when you need it most.

Get Started

How to Get Started with Practina

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Grow your practice through the power of hands-free digital marketing.

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