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The new digital landscape has changed dental marketing

Social media marketing for dental clinics can no longer remain an optional tool, but it has become a requirement to stay relevant in the digital era. With the influx of people on social media, dentists can reach a greater audience using social media marketing for dentists, than using traditional marketing methods.

Dentistry is a saturated market with intense competition even within a single city, but with the best social media marketing tool for dentists, your practice can stand out by taking advantage of the fact that everyone is online these days.

Fundamental elements of marketing for dentists

When it comes to marketing your dental practice in the digital age, the primary focus is building an “online presence,” which is defined as how easy it is for patients to find your practice online. The most effective social media marketing for dental offices begins with creating a website for your practice, as well as social media pages on all of the major platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Yelp, and YouTube).

This opens the door for more people to locate your practice on each one of these channels.

The advantages of social media marketing for dentists

Dental social media marketing increases awareness for your practice by creating an identity and presence for your dental clinic where your patients spend most of their time: online. With billions of daily active users across multiple social media sites, social media marketing for dentists is a cost-effective way to grow your practice with effective results that are easy to track.

From allowing your dental practice to foster an online community with its patients, to helping make your practice accessible and easy to find, social media marketing offers a magnitude of benefits your dental practice should be taking advantage of.

Following dental social media marketing trends

Social media marketing is full of trends, which are specific types of content that is popular on a given day. From new dance crazes to food challenges, social media trends reflect what is currently garnering the most attention online.

When it comes to social media marketing for dental clinics, it is important to understand the latest trends and how they can be applied to your dental practice’s social media accounts. Not only do trends keep your content fresh, but they also provide the opportunity to place your dental practice in front of the countless viewers who are following what’s popular.

Build awareness online with online advertising

Online advertising is a powerful marketing tactic that has the ability to increase awareness of your dental practice, connect you with patients who are interested in your services, and boost revenue. Unlike traditional print advertising, online advertising allows your dental practice to send advertisements to its ideal patients using detailed information such as their location, age, online behavior, and more.

When patients are searching for their next service provider, they turn to Google—this is where online advertising comes in. When your dental practice runs an advertisement online, it is placing itself in front of the patients who are actively searching for services that you offer. Being in control of where your ad is located, who the ideal viewer of the ad is, and what searches prompt the ad to appear all help your dental practice connect with patients that are ready to buy, which increases your practice’s patient base.


"Social media seemed like something for the kids, so I stuck with television ads and billboards for advertising my practice with little to no response. Once I found Practina, though, they’ve been sending me so many leads from my ads and I see how much more business I can get out of it.”

Victor Conner

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Michael Luna

"I lived my first few years as a dentist trying to do everything on my own, but when I signed up for a free account on Practina, the system literally took care of everything once I connected my social media accounts. I’ve found so many new patients!”

Sarah Ruiz

"I couldn’t believe how much time Practina saved me on my marketing and social media. Coming up with what to post is hard as a dentist, but Practina’s posts are very informative and I’ve seen a noticeable increase on my engagement since signing up for an account!”

Tami Williamson

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