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What is Practina?

Practina is an intelligent system that makes marketing simple for any business. Practina automates businesses' social media posts and create ads to reach the right customers - so they don’t have to do a thing.


Google Smart Ads for Maximum Reach

Ads made simple

Instant Facebook

Publish Post

Your Social Media, Automated

Social Media, Automated

Google Smart Ads For Maximum Reach.

  • With Practina’s Smart Ads, simply tell Practina who your ideal customers are, and Smart Ads will reach them with ads for Google created automatically!
  • Using your location and target audience, Practina connects you with the most relevant customers who are already searching for business like you.
  • Practina’s intelligent system simplifies the ad creation process down to just a few easy clicks.
  • Easily create and manage ads for Google, Facebook, and Instagram, all from one convenient place.
  • Practina is free to use, so you’ll only pay for the ads you run.
Google Smart Ads
Social Platform

Instant Facebook Leads with Practina’s Lead Center.

  • Practina’s instant Lead Center for Facebook helps you strike while the iron is hot to never miss a sale.
  • Create your own customizable lead forms for potential customers to fill out directly from your Facebook ad!
  • Practina’s Lead Center will immediately notify you when you receive a new lead, so you contact them as soon as possible.
  • Practina organizes all your leads into one convenient place, so you’re always ready to bring on a new customer.

Your social media marketing, automated.

  • Practina removes the hassle of social media marketing by automatically creating, scheduling, and publishing posts for your business on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and more!
  • By automating your posts, Practina helps your business build upon, or establish, its online presence.
  • Practina’s intelligent system learns what the best time is to post to all your social networks, to best connect you with your ideal customers.
  • Ditch the hassle of social media management by bringing all your social platforms to one place, and having Practina automatically post for you.
Schedule Posts

Practina provides you live updates for all social media accounts.

  • Practina will provide you live updates for all likes, comments, followers, and interactions for all of your social media platforms — all from one convenient place!
  • Reply to reviews, engage with comments, and communicate with your customers all through Practina.

Practina helps you grow your customer base.

  • With each automated posting, Practina helps build a stronger online presence for your business.
  • As your online presence grows, so will your customer base as Practina will routinely connect you with ideal customers.

Practina makes digital marketing simple and easy!

Practina makes digital marketing simple for any business, without breaking your budget. Save money, simplify your life, and grow your business hands-free. See how Practina can work for you, at no cost.

Features that will take your business to the next level

  • Automated Posting
  • Smart Posting
  • $10 Free Ads Credits
  • Basic Analytics
  • Smart Ads
  • Smart Campaigns
  • Giveaways
  • Deals
  • Before and Afters
  • Accomplishments
  • Customer Spotlight
  • Employee Spotlight
  • Leads
  • Product Spotlight
  • Service Spotlight
  • Review Posting
  • Advanced Analytics and Insights
  • Retargeting Customers
  • Marketing Consultant (One Hour Per Month)
  • Mobile Apps
  • Facebook Posting
  • Instagram Posting
  • Twitter Posting
  • LinkedIn Posting
  • Google Posting
  • Youtube Posting
  • Smart Videos
  • Smart Email Marketing
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Grow your business through the power of hands-free digital marketing.

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