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Speedy Business Funding Built Trust And Generated Leads Using Practina

Scott Clymo, CEO and co-founder of Speedy Business Funding, established the company to offer small businesses the loans that they need “speedy fast.”

But with the variety of options that small businesses have available for loan services, Speedy Business Funding needed to find a way to stand out from the competition.

They tried different marketing firms spending thousands of dollars every month on their advertising budget. Even still, there was little return on investment or leads that were generated.

According to studies, businesses on average can pay anywhere from $44 to $272 per lead in the financial services industry through traditional marketing methods.

Speedy Business Funding was able to produce much better results using automated social media advertising through Practina, generating leads at only $12.10 each.

Facebook Advertising

Advertising is a necessary feature of any business because companies cannot survive on referrals alone. This is important to keep in mind, as 20% of small businesses fail in the first year, 30% in the second, and a whopping 50% fail after five years in business.

Many businesses place their focus on purchasing new equipment, but the return on investment (ROI) is higher when funds are placed towards advertising, meaning that it is more cost-effective to run effective ads.

What better way to advertise than a platform that has almost 3 billion active users worldwide?

Facebook has changed the game of advertising, and using Practina, Speedy Business Funding was able to ensure that their ad was seen by the target audience, those who need their service, by selecting various demographics, interests, and behaviors that match the ideal customer.

Through these advertisements, a higher volume of potential customers saw their posts and could express their interest at the simple click of a button, so Speedy Business Funding could capitalize on the opportunity to contact them immediately.

Furthermore, using Practina’s ad campaign and the goal of lead generation, all that he had to do was choose his target audience and advertising budget, and Practina automatically placed Speedy Business Funding posts in front of business owners and potential clientele.

Instant Leads

With Facebook Instant Leads, once the user sees an advertisement that piques their interest, they can learn more about the company and its services at the click of a button. Users willingly submit their name, email, and phone number to the business, so a sales representative can follow up with them.

Using this feature, Speedy Business Funding was able to create 7,975 impressions and generate 64 leads on a single Facebook post! Those were 64 new potential customers that Speedy Business Funding could follow up with to move the lead to a sale.

Speedy Business Funding - Instant Leads

These impressive results are much better than the average of $160 per lead that businesses pay in the financial industry. With Practina, Speedy Business Funding’s advertising produced results at only $12.10 per lead.

Increase Web Traffic

As more potential customers saw Speedy Business Funding’s posts, it drove more traffic to his website as they wanted to learn more about the services offered. The posts that Practina automated for Speedy Business Funding significantly increased their website traffic and produced hundreds of clicks, driving many potential customers to the place that could help them, Speedy Business Funding.

Speedy Funding - increase Website Traffic

Boost Post

After a post is made on social media if it performs well then you can boost the post for it to be seen by even more people.

Practina alerted Speedy Business Funding of the success of his post and gave him the option to boost it, and the results were astounding.

Speedy Funding - Boost Post
Practina has templates available for businesses to promote their giveaways, deals, and products and services. Speedy Business Funding was able to create this attractive ad using a template in just three easy steps.

Once this post was boosted, Speedy Business Funding was able to generate 1,932 impressions, a reach of 1,916, and over a thousand people who engaged with the post! The impressions spike gave potential customers the opportunity to gain the information they needed to understand how Speedy Business Funding could help them.

Dedicated Marketing Specialist

Speedy Business Funding was able to see the value in Practina automating his Facebook posts and advertising to his target audience to generate leads.

But even greater than all of that was the option he had as a member of the professional plan, which was to meet directly with a marketing specialist who analyzed his social media advertising personally and provided suggestions.

On this plan, Speedy Business Funding was able to get personalized recommendations for optimizing his advertising to grow his business and increase profits.

The professional plan also includes a video created by our talented design team. Speedy Business Funding took full advantage and received the video within 24 hours to start running the ad.

By working to promote businesses to the eyes that need their services, Practina helped Speedy Business Funding stand out among the competition.

Automate your advertising today

Practina is an easy-to-use system that automates your advertising by creating captivating posts that relate to your industry, placing your ads in front of your target audience, and simply posting across all of your social media platforms. 

By simplifying the advertising process, you’ll no longer have to check all of your social media accounts separately because Practina makes it possible to manage all of your digital advertising on one website.

By automating the process, there is less work that business owners need to do, and also less room for human error.

Speedy Business Funding was able to explode without the headache that comes with digital marketing by utilizing Practina to do the job automatically.
If your business is experiencing difficulties similar to that of Speedy Business Funding, join Practina for free to automate your advertising and grow your business. See what plans we have available to meet your business goals.

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