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The Challenge:

Genuine Dental Arts is a boutique dental practice in Newport Beach, California, founded by Dr. Peter Nguyen. Home to a buzzing beach community and sunny skies, this southern California coastal city is typical in all aspects but one: its crowded dental competition.

A Google quick search for “dentists in Newport Beach, CA” results in multiple pages of local dental practices. Switching over to the Google Maps results, those searching for dentists are immediately prompted with endless pins, each representing a different dental practice.

For Newport Beach locals, the abundance of dental practices in the area is favorable. More competition in the market means there are more dental practices competing to offer the best prices and services.

The dentists of Newport Beach, however, aren’t as happy about this abundance of similar businesses within the area.

For Genuine Dental Arts, Dr. Nguyen must compete with over 15 other dental practices within a 2-mile radius of his office, including 4 other practices in the same building –– and that only covers the first 2 pages of search results.

As a business, Genuine Dental Arts already faced the initial challenge of bringing in new patients through its doors. Given the heightened competition, however, Dr. Nguyen also had to find a way to stand out and effectively target the same potential patients as the other businesses.

How did Dr. Nguyen overcome these challenges to establish Genuine Dental Arts in a crowded market and successfully bring in patients?

He turned to Practina, the best social media marketing tool for dentists.

The Solution: Practina

Understanding the challenge at hand, Genuine Dental Arts decided to focus its attention on digital marketing.

Seeing that many dentists in the area did not incorporate dental practice social media marketing into their strategies, Dr. Nguyen turned to Practina to not only free his time but to grow his practice.

Practina is a hands-free digital marketing tool that can automate any business’s social media marketing, boils down the ad creation process to a few clicks, and simplifies conversions with instant Facebook leads.

Automated Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing for dental clinics is all about establishing a bonafide presence online that helps build awareness for their respective offices. By using Practina, Genuine Dental Arts already had this covered.

Since Practina is an automated social media marketing toolthe system created daily branded posts that it scheduled and uploaded to all of Dr. Nguyen’s social media accounts.

By sending branded posts to various social media sites, Practina did the work of establishing an online presence and connecting with individuals using strategies such as Instagram dental marketing to build a net of patients for Genuine Dental Arts –– automatically.

With Practina establishing its online presence and building awareness, Genuine Dental Arts saw an increase of 150% on all of its social media engagement and an increase of 230% on its total post impressions.

Specialized Local Targeting and Google Smart Ads

Once Practina was able to build an online presence for Genuine Dental Arts, Dr. Nguyen then used Practina’s boosting capabilities to further cement his practice within the local region by targeting people who were already searching for dental practices like his own.

Using Practina’s Smart Ads, Genuine Dental Arts made numerous search ads for Google within seconds that would appear whenever someone in Newport Beach conducted a Google search for a local dentist, which increased consideration for the practice.

By highlighting the unique selling points and special offers, Dr. Nguyen immediately saw an increase in his practice’s consideration potential through an increase of daily visitors to the Genuine Dental Arts website and an influx of phone calls requesting more information.

When done correctly, digital marketing for dentists is one of the most effective ways for local dentists to have a steady base of loyal local patients.

When a dental practice increases its consideration potential, it results in the practice generating more clicks on its ads. With the success of its Google ads, Genuine Dental Arts then shifted its attention to another powerhouse of online marketing for dentists: Facebook.

Facebook Ads and Instant Leads 

With over 2.8 billion active monthly users, Facebook is the leading choice for online marketing for dentists, specifically because of dental marketing Facebook ads.

An added benefit that Dr. Nguyen enjoyed was being able to manage and send ads to Facebook directly from his Practina account. Instead of having to keep tabs on multiple websites, Practina kept all his relevant information in one convenient place and provided him with weekly and monthly performance updates.

Dental Facebook advertising revolves around using Facebook ads for dentists. With Practina, Dr. Nguyen simply had to tell Practina what he wanted to advertise and where, and Practina automatically created effective posts that the system could then boost to put the ads in front of the local population already searching for dentists.

Genuine Dental Ads then used Practina’s Instant Facebook Leads feature to create custom lead forms that interested patients could then fill out directly from its Facebook ad!

To further increase its consideration to prompt conversions, Genuine Dental Arts used a special offer of providing free consultations for first-time patients to increase its amount of leads. By streamlining its lead process and advertising a special offer, Dr. Nguyen saw an increase of over 78% in leads, with a cost per lead average of $7.1!

By having the best Facebook ads for dentists and by simplifying the lead process, Genuine Dental Arts saw an increase of 62% in its conversion rates after switching to Practina.

The Results

By utilizing Practina to its fullest extent, Dr. Nguyen was able to not only increase the awareness of Genuine Dental Arts, but also used its newly established presence to build consideration for his practice in order to obtain more leads and patients.

If your business’s situation is similar to Genuine Dental Arts and you’re looking for ways to improve your digital marketing to bring in more business and build upon, or establish, your online presence, you can Signup Practina and let Practina automate your digital marketing for you!

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