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As a business, have you ever wondered what makes a great marketing campaign?

You are not alone since many people are asking the same question. The biggest thing to note when talking about good marketing is having strong designs through your social media accounts and advertisements. Using tools to help create visually satisfying designs that reflect your brand is a great social media marketing tool for any business. Learning how to use these well-designed ads can be difficult, but will be beneficial to your business online moving forward.

Why Design is Important

Design is important to any business when they are designing advertisements and gaining the attention of the customer base. 

Marketing and design go together because when people are enticed by your advertisement, they are more interested in what you are showing them. With companies from all over the world sharing their products, it can be beneficial to make product marketing more unique so it will stand out amongst the rest. Design can grab the attention of customers which will make them consider using your company over others. 

When attempting to attract new customers, it is important to grab their attention and make your brand stand out. If your brand looks like all your competitors and nobody has used you before, it is less likely that they will explore what you have to offer and give you a chance. With great design in social media pages and posts, people will look at your brand and allow themselves to give you a shot. A good social media design makes your brand visually appealing if you want it to be popular. 

It helps establish your brand and drive customers to you. It also helps drive traffic to your website which will allow customers to trust your brand and get to know it better. Your business can begin to grow towards new customers with a good design. Advertising has become too simple and similar, where everyone’s ads are not unique. The same designless ads are not going to work anymore, and your brand needs something different to set you apart from everyone else. That is where the design of the advertisement becomes a big factor in the importance of it all. 

Ad Design

With so many designs out there, it can be difficult to see how they might work for your business. 

When designing your social media page and posts, the ads must be careful to invoke specific emotions into your customers while still getting them to purchase your product or service. Some of the best advertisements on social media have eye-catching content, colorful photos, and captions that make people interested in your post. 


Designs need to be able to intrigue people when they are scrolling through social media feeds, which is what will drive them to your page. Designing ads is important and needs to be done in specific ways. Clean, consistent, and colorful ads are what will stand out and catch people’s attention. With color, however, it must go with your brand for it to look good and make a connection.

If your brand image is typically darker colors with clean-cut lines, then your ads will want to reflect that so people understand what your brand is supposed to look like. On the other hand, if your brand uses a lot of color and patterns in products or website design, then your ads would want to reflect that. Your brand image is what will be backing these ads, so everything must match up. 

Design is everything online because it is what customers will see first. That is why your ads need to represent your brand image and what you want to look like because it will change the customer’s perception. 

How Design Will Grow Your Business

The new design will help you to come up with new ways to share your business and grow your brand. 

Designing new social media posts and pages will help customers learn about your brand and find it over others. This will allow you to grow your customer base and make more sales. Great design will show people that you care about your brand and what it looks like, which is important to customers. If someone is skeptical about your brand and sees the effort you are putting into it, they are going to be more willing to give your business a chance. 

Sharing designs that reflect your business will also give a visual reference of what your business is all about. When people are trying to learn what kind of company you are and what you are all about, visual advertising with great designs can help give them an idea of what you are doing. If you want to help grow your brand online and gain more presence on social media, great visual designs are the way to go. 

Use Practina to Help Your Designs

Practina is ready to help your business out today! 

When using Practina, our experts can help create great photo designs for your posts going out. These unique images and posts will help grow your social presence so your brand can continue to grow and be successful. Practina can help you manage all your posts going out and set up advertisements as well. All of this can be managed and understood through the dashboard on Practina, which has analytics to help you improve your ads so they get seen by more people. Explore the Practina website today to see if your business can use it!

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