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Today, we’re excited to launch the brand new Practina business dashboard—a fully optimized experience to simplify your digital marketing. 

Over the last couple of months, all of us here at Practina have been hard at work tackling one question: how can we improve our users’ experience? 

Our goal has always been simplicity. Whether it’s creating and publishing ads in just a few clicks, or automating social media completely, our system has allowed businesses across all industries to receive the benefits of digital marketing without any of the headaches. 

This year alone, we’ve released handfuls of new features such as Smart Ads for Google, Instant Leads for Facebook, and direct Instagram publishing to better suit your business’s needs. Through all this, however, the Practina Dashboard has remained the same. Until today. 

Designed with functionality and the user’s experience in mind, the brand new Practina Dashboard is fully optimized to put what’s most important in the spotlight. With more customization, improved processes, and new features, we are proud to introduce the all-new Practina Dashboard. 

A Brand New Look 

Instead of putting its entire focus on your business’s upcoming post, the new Practina Dashboard places equal focus on different aspects of your business’s digital marketing performance. 

Using an array of widgets, or cards, your new Practina Dashboard makes it easy to get a quick overview of your overall performance across all connected platforms. 

With quick navigational tools and even helpful tips, Practina’s cards will help you focus on what matters most to you, without having to leave your Practina homepage. This way, your business can quickly find what it needs and get to work without any delays. 

More Customization 

Not every business uses Practina for the same reason, which is why it was important for us to add additional levels of customization to our new dashboard. 

Once you’ve determined which of Practina’s cards are the most important for your business, customizing your dashboard is as easy as a few clicks. 

Simply hover over the three dots located on the top right corner of any card to easily hide the ones you don’t need any quick access to.  

Stay in the Know 

With such a vast system like Practina, it isn’t uncommon for some features to slip through the cracks after the first initial training. To keep you in the know, we’ve added additional features that will keep you up to date with the latest information. 

Our new Did You Know card will display important information you may not be aware of. From helpful tips to exciting developments coming out of Practina, this feature will showcase something new each time you visit your dashboard. 

Keep an eye out, you may learn something new. 

Streamlined Processes 

We wouldn’t go through the hassle of changing the dashboard if we didn’t improve the systems in place. The new Practina Dashboard has been optimized to better streamline your workflow when creating posts, ads, and more! 

You can now boost posts, preview upcoming posts, and even post a review straight from your dashboard with just a few simple clicks. Using this feature, your business will save time. This way, you’ll have more time to focus on running your business while Practina connects you with more customers. 

Find Your Perfect Audience 

Instead of manually selecting and inputting your target audience each time you post, you can now set a designated audience profile for your business in your account settings. 

Whenever you begin creating a new ad, Practina will automatically default to your established audience, and if you’re scheduling a post, Practina will use your ideal location to determine the most optimal posting time. 

Send ads to multiple audiences? No problem! You can easily add multiple target audiences to your Practina account, and switching between audiences only takes a click. 

Improved Smart Ads 

Aside from our new look, Practina’s Smart Ads are now easier to use than ever before. To have Practina automatically create Google-ready ads for your business, all you have to do is simply click a button—seriously, that’s it. 

By simply selecting “AI generated templates”, Practina’s intelligent system will automatically create multiple ad variations for you to choose from, each focusing on a different product or service that your business offers. 

Practina uses your default location to pull the top-performing keywords in your area and industry, and then transforms them into Google ads that will appear whenever a customer searches for similar products or services. 

New Look, Same Great System 

Whether you’re new to Practina, or have been enjoying the ease of automated digital marketing for some time, we are confident that you’ll find the new Practina Dashboard to be beneficial for your business. 

Underneath the new look, Practina is still the same intuitive system that helps your business increase its online presence with automation, send ads out in under five minutes, and connect with interested customers instantly. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the new Practina Dashboard, please feel free to call us at (833) 772-2846 to speak with a marketing specialist and schedule a training.

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