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As a small business owner, you have a lot of responsibilities to juggle. With so much to manage, it’s easy to let your social media marketing efforts fall through the cracks. 

You’ve probably heard that posting consistently on social media is important, but have you considered how much traction you can get from running social ads? 

Social ads can help your small business grow more than you can imagine. You can set your budget per day and run them continuously if needed! It’s a good idea to add social ads to your social media marketing plan.

If you’re looking to run successful ad campaigns, let’s give you an overview of the best ads you can run on Facebook, their objectives, and how to measure ad performance. After all, you want to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

How to Analyze Your Facebook Ads

Facebook offers a variety of ads to choose from. The number of options may seem overwhelming at first, but we’ll review a handful of ads to run and how to analyze their performance below. 

Boost Post

  • What is it?: A Facebook Boost Post is a type of paid ad that promotes an existing post from your business page. It permits your content to appear to a wider range of your target audience. This will reach people outside of the normal few who already follow your page and see your posts organically.

Note: Your target audience is most likely someone local who has expressed interest in your industry or product.

  • Objective: The objective of a Boost Post ad is to create awareness for your small business. Awareness lets more people discover your business and what your business is all about.
  • What to analyze: You’ll want to view your specific performance data for reach and impressions. Reach just measures the number of new people who saw your ad, and impressions are how many times your content is displayed on a screen. 

Post Engagement

  • What is it?: A Post Engagement ad showcases your ads to the relevant target audience which will help the performance of your ad. When your target audience sees an ad that’s relevant to them, they’re more likely to interact with it.
  • Objective: The objective for post engagement is to create awareness and, you guessed it, boost engagement.
  • What to analyze: Look at the performance of the engagement. Engagements include actions like liking, reacting, commenting, sharing, saving, opening the video/photo, or clicking on the provided link! Higher engagement is a sign of great ad performance.

Get More Page Likes

  • What is it?: A Get More Page Likes ad focuses on showcasing your Facebook page and encourages your target audience to like your page. With this ad, you can increase the number of people who like your page and create a larger audience to market to.  
  • Objective: The objective of this ad is to create awareness and boost engagement.
  • What to analyze: For this ad, you’ll simply view the increasing number of page likes on your small business’s page.

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Increase Website Traffic

  • What is it?: This type of ad lets you promote a website by inputting a URL on your ad or post. If you want to increase traffic to your business website, this ad is the way to do it. People who are likely to click on the link will be shown your ad.
  • Objective: This ad objective is consideration. Consideration gets people to consider visiting your business or learning more about your business by visiting your website. 
  • What to analyze: Watch your ad performance with the number of clicks you receive.

Get More Calls

  • What is it?: Facebook’s click-to-call ads let users call you directly! Your ad will feature a call-to-action (CTA) button saying “Call Now”. Once a user clicks the button on their smartphone, they’ll be able to call your business right away. 
  • Objective: The Get More Calls ad objective is also consideration. Ad viewers can consider learning more about your business by clicking the CTA button. 
  • What to analyze: Keep track of how many clicks and calls you receive to determine ad performance!

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Lead Ads

  • What is it?: A lead is a form that helps you connect with interested and potential customers. An interested user will fill out the lead form so you can get back to them. This kind of ad helps you create more business awareness and reach more customers.
  • Objective: The objective of this ad is conversion. Conversions encourage those interested in your business to use your service or product. 
  • What to analyze: Take in the number of leads you receive from a Lead Ad to see how it’s performing. 

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Start Running Ads Today

Running ads doesn’t have to be complicated. When you take those key metrics into consideration, you can see what kind of ads work for your small business. Looking for a way to start? Consider using a social media marketing tool like Practina.

Even if you don’t have any previous experience running ads, Practina’s easy-to-use system will simplify the process and help you get the ad results you want to see. You can even keep track of your social media analytics to see your overall growth and automate your posts across all platforms.

Nonetheless, running social media ads will help you grow your small business. So don’t wait, and get serious about your social media marketing today!

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