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A majority of businesses are beginning to shift their focus away from traditional ways of marketing and are putting their resources towards social media marketing, with more and more industries incorporating social media as a part of their expansion and growth strategy. 

However, social media management remains a remote topic for many businesses, despite there being a plethora of information available online.

It is one thing to be active on social media and another to effectively manage it. A lot of brands and busy business professionals may also find it difficult to effectively implement the technicalities of social media marketing. 

As a business owner, investing in a social media management tool can be very profitable and help separate your business from the competition. 

So how does a management tool benefit any business in effectively improving their marketing output through social media? 

Here’s a list of the top 5 advantages of using a social media marketing tool for your business:

1. Automated Publishing And Multiple Accounts Management

Whether your business uses one large account, or several small social media accounts, keeping track of posts on a daily basis can easily become overwhelming. 

Social media automated tools are equipped with top features to eliminate the hassle. They are a great pick especially if you do not have time to invest every day in creating and posting content on your social media pages. 

Most social media marketing tools are well integrated, ensuring that your content is published across all of your accounts. Not only this—marketing tools can identify the best time to publish a post specific to your brand page, with the best-generated keywords for higher visibility. 

Social media marketing tools also allow you to manage all of your accounts in one place, which helps you save time. Who can remember so many logins and passwords anyways?

2. Connect With Your Followers & Customers In Real-Time & Build Better Relationship

One of the ways you can outperform your competitors is by being available for your customers or reply to any questions as quickly as possible. This sounds like a daunting task, which is where the role of a social media management tool comes in! 

A study conducted in 2018 suggests that about 71% of customers with positive client services received from a brand via social media were more likely to recommend that brand to their friends and family. 

A marketing tool can arrange all your customer comments in one place, so that you don’t miss out on any important notifications. Some of these tools can also help you find any particular message thread with the help of keywords. 

The quicker your brand is at acknowledging responses, feedback, and comments, the better chances you have in converting followers into leads. 

3. Run Ads Easily With Compelling Results

Running ads on social media platforms isn’t a common practice for many social users, which is why a lot of business owners may feel that it involves a lot of time and effort. 

Also, simply knowing how to run an ad doesn’t guarantee that you’ll receive the best results. 
This is one of the essential reasons why you must get a social media management tool. With Practina, you get the ease of posting ads on all your social media accounts through one management tool which uses artificial intelligence to create ads for you after simply taking a few inputs such as keywords, services, locality, specialty – your ads are created in one place, in one go, easily!

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4. Evaluate Performance

The biggest advantage of using a social media marketing tool is that you can access data that gives an insight into the habits, interests, and preferences of your prospective clients & target audience. 

Many intuitive features are available in most marketing tools, which can show you how effective your content is by considering certain parameters such as design, information, and so on. 

In order to understand what works for your business and what your approach should be, these social media management tools will keep offering you a detailed analysis of how and where you must tweak your social media marketing process.

They are also a great way of convincing potential investors to invest in your business if your data analysis shows exemplary performance. When a business offers special discounts on their products & services, or when they run a sale or have giveaways, their overall engagement on Social media tends to be much higher than anticipated.

5. Social Media Management On The Go

Most social media marketing tools also have mobile versions, which means you can access them from your mobile device even while you’re on the go! 

You can monitor the progress that your latest posts have made or even plan a calendar for the next few days and what content you want to publish. 

So even while you are away from work, or vacationing somewhere, you’d still be able to have complete control over managing all your social media marketing activities like a pro with the help of a social media marketing tool.

To Conclude

A social media management tool is an all-inclusive, one point of reference that can easily take care of all your social media marketing activities no matter where you are. Most of the marketing tools are very user-friendly, therefore, you can easily get accustomed to using them.

If you’re looking to simplify your marketing with a marketing tool, consider Practina! Practina is an AI-powered tool equipped with top features to easily create, post, and manage content on your social media, automatically. The tool simplifies all of your social media marketing tasks for you. Its enhanced AI technology helps create not just any ads but Smart Ads for better business performance and overall growth. Visit today to create your free account!

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