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Marketing for Gyms: How to Market Gym Business Online

According to Statista, there were over 32,000 fitness clubs in the United States in 2021.

No wonder gyms are popular amongst fitness enthusiasts and people in general. But it also means more work for you in terms of promoting your gym. You must find a good marketing strategy to stand out to new customers and beat the competition. This blog can help you learn a few valuable gym marketing tips to grow your business. 

Why you need gym marketing 

Gym marketing is important to maintain a strong brand presence because more fitness clubs make their way into the market every year.

Many people who are new to working out may pick big gym chains such as Crunch Fitness, Planet Fitness, and 24-hour Fitness over the smaller ones. This means smaller, privately owned fitness clubs need to market themselves proactively. 

Social media is a great place to start since it is cost-effective and result-oriented. Carefully look at the marketing strategies some of the big gym brands use to promote themselves and try out the ones that are suitable to your situation. You can also take the help of a low-cost system like Practina if you aren’t sure about doing this on your own.

The best thing to do is to focus on growing your brand to reach new prospects and show your results to new customers. Gaining the trust and focus of potential customers can help you grow your reach further.

Strategies to grow your gym

Here are a few clever ways to promote your gym to new customers while retaining the existing ones.

Promote your special programs

Promoting a new fitness program at your gym could be the turning point for many customers who aren’t getting what they want where they currently work out. This innovative strategy can attract many potential customers for you. 

Another great way to gain people’s attention is to offer them some sort of new customer deal that will save them money for signing up. Many gyms waive their sign-up fees, and some of them also offer complementary services to get more new customers to walk in through the door.

Try using these marketing tactics and promote your offers on your social media to see if your existing customers will tell their friends and help spread the word for you. This word-of-mouth marketing can boost your reach online and attract more new customers.

Offer a virtual gym 

A great way to attract more users to your social media and customers for your business is to offer a virtual gym service. 

This can help people living far from your gym and those who don’t physically like going out for a workout. You could charge a smaller membership fee than your standard one which can be your unique selling point (USP). 

Virtual gym service can also help you to retain clients during unprecedented situations like COVID-19, which restrict people’s movement. 

If you offer nutrition coaching or any other similar services that could be offered virtually, promote that too on your social media. This will expand your market and create a path to boost your revenue in the long run.

Create a community of followers

Creating an online community can be hugely beneficial to your business since most people spend hours on social media every day. 

A community of supporters can help get more customers to your gym and improve your rating with positive feedback, especially once they have seen firsthand what you offer and how you can help them achieve their fitness goals. 

If you decide to offer a virtual gym, it could also contribute to creating a community of followers for you. A community like this can help you connect with fitness influencers who may be interested in partnering with you to promote your brand. Influencers have a huge following that can help your business grow further.

Building a community can motivate many people and push them to work hard to achieve their fitness goals. 


Fitness marketing is critical to growing your business and sustaining that growth no matter what, but it needs consistent efforts and time. 

Fortunately, Practina, a complete social media marketing tool can help you create and publish content, run targeted ads, and boost user engagement for your business to stay ahead of the local competition. 

Save time by planning your posts in advance using the content calendar. Allow Practina to post your content automatically at the best time possible to increase engagement. 

Using Practina takes the hard work away so you can focus on running your business.

Sign up with Practina today to get started!

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