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Did you know that 49% of people in America go to the gym twice per week, according to Livestrong?

Going to the gym has become a popular hobby for many people that want to live healthier lives with longevity. With everyone wanting to live healthier and increase their life expectancy, marketing your gym is beneficial to show them how you are the best option for them.

Importance of gym marketing

Gym marketing is important with more gyms opening every year.

There are huge gym chains such as Crunch Fitness, Planet Fitness, 24-hour Fitness, and LA Fitness to name a few. These chains have large budgets for marketing their services and what they offer to help people reach their goals. While this is beneficial to them, smaller gyms do not have the same budget to reach new customers as those larger chains do.

While those gyms continue to perform well, your small gym deserves to perform well too. Marketing your gym, no matter how small, is important for you to gain clients and grow the success of your business. 

Tips for gyms marketing strategy

With the popularity of gyms, marketing them correctly can make a huge difference in how they gain new customers. It takes strategy and planning but can boost the sales and success of your gym.


Create a member referral program

A great way to help market your gym is to create a referral program for members so they have a reason to tell their friends about it.

If you can come up with a way to incentivize members to refer their friends, they can start putting in the hard work of marketing for you. For example, you could tell them that for every person they refer that signs up for a membership, they get a free class or something like that. Your members will then be more inclined to refer their friends and help you get more business while they benefit by getting more help/resources. 

Run promotions

If you want to try and find new customers, having a promotional deal can be beneficial.

Promoting new services and sales can always be helpful to get people through the door at your gym. If you can offer a slightly cheaper membership than your competitors, or more services for the same price, that will entice people to give you a chance. People always like a good deal, especially when it comes to gym memberships. Gym memberships are already expensive, with 38% of gym members in the United States claiming they quit in the first six months due to the fees according to Livestrong. If you can fix that issue for them, then you can gain some new customers that want to continue their workout journey.  

Promote new programs

Advertising new classes and programs that you are running can be helpful to get new customers in the door. 

When you start a new class or workout program at your gym, that might entice people to choose you over other gyms. If you are offering a special class that some gyms do not, you can gain a new group of customers. You can also promote any special deals that are going on, like a discount on membership for the first three months, or something included for free that they normally would have to pay for. Regardless of what they get, promoting these programs can help you gain more customers.

Promote your flexible hours

If your gym offers flexible operating hours, promoting that can benefit your business.

Many gyms are open 24 hours now, but regardless of when you operate, it is important to let people know when you will be open. If you are a smaller gym, you don’t necessarily need to be open 24 hours per day, but you could try to be open early in the morning for those who work or before work, or stay open late for those who like to work out at night. Some gyms even open early in the morning, close for a few hours in the middle of the day, and then reopen later in the day and stay open longer. Whatever you decide is best for your gym and its users, promote your flexibility so people know when they can come to work out. 

Share media on multiple platforms

To maximize your marketing potential your gym must use multiple social media accounts. 

Social media marketing is a great way to promote your business and keep members up to date on events. Using apps like Instagram and Facebook helps you by running ads to reach a larger audience. Youtube is a great way to connect with people too. Youtube allows your gym to post-workout videos and educational tutorials that will help people all over the world. If you monetize your Youtube videos, you can help people that do not live locally to your gym and still want to work out, while still making some money. This could also entice people to check out your gym if they live locally and have used your workout videos already. 

Create healthy competitions

A great way to motivate people who are already members while gaining new ones is to create a fun and healthy competition. 

Competitions bring out the most competitive sides of people, motivating them to be the best. It can be beneficial to hold some healthy competitions to motivate people to work out and train for them at your gym as well. It will push them to be better and stay consistent with their training, getting them to use their memberships and take more classes at your gym. When the competition comes around, people can share it on their social media and create more buzz around your gym. 

Make the most of your gym’s marketing

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