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The Ultimate Guide To Facebook Lead Ads

The latest and greatest way to get in touch with your audience and drive profitable leads is through lead ads. Facebook has 2.7 billion active daily users, which means that it’s highly likely that there are a considerable number of people online who are interested in your product. However, many times consumers have driven away from lengthy contact forms and lose interest. Facebook has developed a quick and secure solution to gather information about potential customers through lead ads.

What are lead ads?

Lead ads are a method to collect user information from prospective customers who are interested in your products and services. When a person sees your ad on Facebook, he or she is given the option to “sign up” or “learn more.” When clicked, a form is instantly generated that is pre-filled with the user’s information for them to receive email updates, newsletters, and other information from the business directly.

Are lead ads adaptable for smartphone users?

A smaller screen can be a deterrent for prospective customers to manually fill in their information, even if they do want to learn more about a company. The pre-filled form that pops up at the click of a button makes it easier for users to submit their information, and for businesses to collect their contact information to follow up.

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How do I make my lead ads stand out and perform well?

Valuable Ads Succeed

Users know from a quick glance that they need a product or service. Clearly convey the value of your company’s product or service through attractive images that capture the user’s attention and move them to sign up.

Keep It Simple

The purpose of the pre-filled form is to make it as simple as possible for the potential customer, so do not overload them with too many questions that will scare them away.

Duration of the Ad

Ads that are kept up for only a few days may be seen by some people, but the likelihood of greater success increases when the ad is run for a longer time span, or continuously. This will make sure that your ad is seen by a larger audience, which is likely to produce greater results for your business.

How can I create a lead ad on Practina?

1. Go to “Ad Campaign” on the left sidebar.

2. Click on “Create Ad”.

3. Choose “Facebook & Instagram”.

4. For the goal, select “Lead Generation”.

5. When selecting your Target Audience, toggle the switch to select a “Special Ad Category” if your industry offers credit, employment, or housing opportunities.

6. Create your audience based on gender, age, location, and particular interests. You can also name your audience to save for future use.

7. Select whether you’d like to run this ad continuously or set an end date for this ad. Running the ad continuously is recommended to connect with more potential customers.

8. Set your budget per day to get more of the business results you want.

9. Choose a captivating image or video, edit your caption, and choose a link URL for the ads. You can toggle to select whether you’d like Practina to manage your ad placement automatically.

10. Choose an already existing lead form or create a new one with the questions you’d like to include for your customers. Name, email, and phone number are pre-selected.

11. Process payment.

With the vast amount of advertisements that users see on a daily basis, your ads should stand out to be viewed by a wider audience (and not just scrolled past). One of the best ways to do this is to extend the duration of your lead ad on Practina, a great resource for the overall growth of your business. 

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