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Everything You Should Know About Facebook Special Ads Category

Facebook allows you to experiment with different options in ad categories. It is important for businesses to select the correct ad category to ensure the success of the campaign. If you’ve been testing out Facebook Ads Manager lately, it is likely that you have seen a new ad classification on the list – Facebook Special Ad Category.

The social media giant introduced the feature specifically for ads in the credit, housing, and employment niche. It aims to serve real estate agents with limited audience-selection options to avoid discrimination.

Previously, Facebook ads for real estate buyers, sellers, and others in the mentioned industries were restricted because of discrimination based on demographic factors, such as gender and age. With this new ad category, the platform aims to help enforce its policies against discriminatory practices in advertising. If you have an advertisement in the credit, housing, and employment industries, you are required to select the special ad that matches your industry.

Facebook Special Ad Categories You Should Know About

Credit Opportunity

If your ad is promoting or linking to a credit opportunity, you are required to select “credit opportunity.” This category includes all ads that promote or directly link to a credit opportunity. This includes long-term financing, credit card offers/deals, personal or business loan services, mortgage loans, and auto loans. You can also create brand ads for credit cards, regardless of a specific offer.

Housing Opportunity and Related Services

As the title of this category implies, the housing opportunity and related services category includes ads promoting or directly linked to a housing opportunity or related services. This means that if your advertisement is relating in any way to housing and related services, you are required to select this special ad category. This includes listings for the rental/sale of a flat or a home, mortgage loans, home equity, homeowners insurance, housing repairs, mortgage insurance, and appraisal services. The ad category excludes ads that are created to inform consumers or housing providers of their rights and duties as prescribed in the fair housing laws. If you want to create Facebook ads for real estate listings, this special ad category is your best bet.

Social Issues, Elections, and Politics

If your advertisement is created on behalf of or concerning a candidate for a political party or figure, public office, or one who advocates for the result of an election to public office, you are required to select this special ads category. It also includes ads on any ballot initiative, referendum, or election. This also includes “get out and vote” election campaigns. You can deem this category as political advertising covering social issues on the platform where the ad is being placed.

Since social issues are sensitive matters and generally surrounded by debates, special ads may impact the result of an election. They may also connect with current or proposed legislation. Therefore, any ad related to social issues seeks to influence public opinion through debate, discussion, or advocacy for or against critical topics. These can range from social rights to civil, health and human rights. Click here to check out ads about social issues, elections, or politics.

Employment Opportunity

If your advertisement promotes or is directly linked to an employment opportunity, including internships, part-time or full-time jobs, or professional certification programs, you are required to select the “employment opportunity” special ads category. Other ads under this category range from aggregation services, promotions for job boards or fairs, and ads detailing benefits offered by a company, regardless of a particular job offer.

NOTE: The examples shared above are not part of any comprehensive list and do not constitute any legal advice. The housing, employment, and credit opportunities or associated service requirements are applicable to advertisers located in or targeting the United States.

Audience Targeting Options in Facebook Special Ads

After selecting your target audience in the special ads category, refer to the ad targeting criteria to filter your audience. Make sure the options you select do not discriminate against people with specific personal characteristics, as mentioned in Facebook’s Discriminatory Practices Policy.

Here are the options that are either different or inaccessible for ads in particular special categories:


Under special ads categories, this option is not available for edits. You must select all audiences between 18-65+.


Facebook’s special ads category allows you target ads to people based on their geographic location. This includes region, city, province, state, country, or congressional district. The postal code is excluded here. Certain locations allow you to select a 15-mile radius across your targeted address, city, or pin-drop. For instance, when you want to reach people in New York City, your filtered audience will show all people within a 15-mile radius of the New York City center.

Detailed Targeting

For special ads, some detailed targeting selections regarding behavior, demographics, and interest settings are unavailable. You also cannot exclude any detailed targeting selections.


This option is unavailable for editing under special ads categories. You must include an audience of all genders to prevent any discrimination.

Whether you are using Facebook ads for real estate, credit agencies, or employment purposes, be sure to refer to the points above to abide by the platform’s policy against discrimination. Do you want to make things easier on your end? Consider using an intelligent social media marketing tool like Practina to make the most of Facebook special ads. The tool also offers smart adoptions to better promote your brand. Try it today and let us know in the comments if you found this new feature useful for your ad campaign. We’d love to get your feedback!


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