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Find your ideal clients with targeted ads, in just minutes.

  • Seeking clients in a particular zip code or demographic? Practina’s Smart Ads target social media users based on their age, location, online activity, and more.
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Strike while the iron’s hot with leads delivered instantly.

  • Your time is important, so Practina’s Facebook Leads Center instantly sends you leads as soon as a user clicks on your ad and leaves their contact information. Call and set up a consultation while you’re still fresh on the client’s mind!
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Build your online reputation and trust with the best social media for law firms.

  • Create trust and stay in the minds of new clients, with automatic posts scheduled regularly. Practina crafts educational posts about your area of law and services, which shows new clients you care and can provide value.
  • Stand out from your competition with posts customized to your law firm’s style, brand colors, and fonts.
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Discover how to take your social media marketing to the next level.