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Not all of us are good at creating content or building marketing strategies.
Don’t take it as an insult. It’s a fact. We’re only humans, right?

Content marketing is both an art and a science. While most of us are well-versed in the art side of it, like crafting engaging content, we may lack scientific knowledge.

Most of the content you publish is because your gut says you should. Even when you get strategic with all the keyword analysis, competition analysis, etc., you still miss out on many things.

Apparently, AI automation tools can offer you a massive competitive edge on the science side of your digital marketing. In fact, AI can help you craft content faster and in larger quantities, following a proper strategy—not just instinct.

In this blog, we’ve listed the five most effective AI tools for digital marketing that can help you promote your business effectively. Check them out!

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These tools are software programs powered by artificial intelligence models. They think just like humans and help make decisions much faster.

A surprisingly high percentage of marketers (61.4%) claimed to have used artificial intelligence in their marketing operations. Nowadays, a lot of companies use AI automation tools to automate complex tasks like content creation, market analysis, keyword research, and so much more.

While many believe these tools will soon replace humans, let’s focus on the positive side. With AI marketing tools, your employees can work faster, produce higher-quality results, and be more productive.


AI tools are reshaping the way marketers do business. It’s time to explore some of the popular and effective AI automation tools that can take your digital marketing from surviving to thriving.

Note: This is not a rank list. Every tool is unique in its own way. Choose according to your needs.

1. ChatGPT – AI tool for content marketing

ChatGPT is the ultimate breakthrough in the content marketing industry. It is a popular language modeling software developed by OpenAI that can understand and execute human-like conversations using deep learning. It has an extensive conversation dataset that allows the software to generate responses, complete texts, and converse with users like humans.


To use it, just enter a prompt. It can be one or more short sentences. A user can even direct ChatGPT on tone, language, topics to avoid, and other instructions to deliver a copy.

Key features:

  • Best tool for writing marketing content
  • Translate texts quickly from one language to another
  • Research and summarize website content
  • Best for writing codes
  • Best for creating fictional stories

2. Practina – AI tool for complete digital marketing

Practina AI makes digital marketing a piece of cake. This AI automation tool takes the guesswork out of understanding complex marketing strategies.

With Practina AI, marketers, and business owners can generate content 10X faster for various marketing purposes. The tool also automatically generates social media content and publishes posts to multiple platforms.


Practina offers a complete package where you can get original content for blogs, Google ads, Facebook ads, review replies, and much more. Through this powerful AI-powered social marketing automation tool, businesses can gain valuable insights into their marketing efforts—optimizing ads, understanding audiences, and predicting trends.

Key features:

  • Automated social media post creation and publishing
  • Google, Facebook, and Instagram Smart Ads
  • Practina Gallery (image enhancer and publisher)
  • MLS Posting
  • Analytics and Reporting

3. Zapier – AI marketing tool to automate tasks

Zapier is a no-code automation tool that lets users design any automation using if-then logic (machine learning). It is tailored to marketers’ needs and helps them automate time-consuming tasks.


For instance, automating email marketing strategies. If potential customers sign up for your newsletter, you can create a simple if-then, and they will automatically get a welcome email. Moreover, Zapier offers application integration, which means you can integrate your Facebook Messenger with Slack and speak to your customers faster. It will increase customer engagement.

Key features:

  • Build Zaps that automate multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Perform actions using simple if-then logic
  • Schedule Zaps to run at the right time
  • Convert text, dates, and currency into your preferred format
  • Send automated messages or information to other apps—no code required

4. Bing AI to boost search results

Bing AI is Microsoft’s newly launched AI-powered tool that uses generative AI to increase search results. It summarizes responses and enables conversational AI to improve the user experience and give them more comprehensive answers.

bing ai

Another cool feature of Bing AI is Bing Chat. It filters the most recent information and latest updates from across the web and summarizes them as per users’ prompts. It even cites the resources, making the content more credible.

Key features:

  • Performs web searches and offers links and recommendations
  • Generates creative content, including images using DALL-E
  • Summarizes web pages
  • Saves your chat history

5. Canva AI to create HD graphics

Canva is an AI-powered graphic design platform that provides a broad range of tools to help businesses create high-quality graphics for their marketing campaigns. It suggests design elements and templates based on user preferences.


It supercharges your entire design process. Some newly launched Canva AI tools include Text to Image, Magic Eraser, Magic Write, and Beat Sync. They accelerate your workflow and boost your productivity.

Key features:

  • Generates images from text prompts
  • Removes unwanted objects from the image
  • Writes content for social media posts
  • Builds custom templates


So these are the five most trending AI automation tools that can take your digital marketing game from surviving to thriving. With these tools, you don’t have to worry about hiring a content creator or paying a hefty amount to handle your social media accounts. For example, with Practina AI, you can manage your social media posts and blogs, generate result-driven ad copies, and more on a single dashboard.

All the tools mentioned above are easy-to-use and deliver outstanding results. All you need to do is sign up, and you’re good to go.

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